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Emotional & Physical Healing through the Chakras

in Person or by Phone/Skype

Chakras are energy centers in our body, whose functioning has a direct effect on our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. 
Every chakra holds specific though patterns and emotions.  Our emotions and thought patterns affect our physical, mental and spiritual health.
As Paramahansa Nithyananda explains: our diseases, the way we think, why we behave the way we behave, our emotions, our pains, our joys, our understanding about the world, our understanding about ourself, they are all determined by the thought patterns we have developed through life (childhood experiences, societal conditioning, improper habits, physical and emotional injuries, and lack of awareness).
The seven major chakras correlate with different states of consciousness, and are directly linked to the ascent of the Kundalini  Shakti (the universal life-force which lies latent in us). The kundalini lies coiled and sleeping at the base of the spine. When awakened through yogic disciplines, the kundalini ascends up the spine, passing through the increasingly subtle chakras, until union with the Divine energy is achieved in the sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head. At this level, energy healing is far more than just clearing energy blockages in the body-mind system. We experience life force running through us. Vitality, clarity and bliss are the results. We realize and experience our infinite potential. When the kundalini awakens, deep-seated negative patterns and karmic blockages are spontaneously healed.   

In this one-on-one course we review each chakra and the specific thought patterns, how they apply to you, how they are effecting your life, how to unlock the chakra and free you from the thought pattern. Each week you will receive a specific contemplation, a written assignment, a specific kriya, a meditation and bija mantra to practice.

The sessions are conducted by phone or skype.

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