Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training and Certification

with Ma Lochana (Rossella Rossi)


October 27-29
December 1-3

6:30pm - 8:30pm
Saturday and Sunday
12pm - 4:00pm

This 30hr meditation certification program is an opportunity for dedicated practitioners to delve deeply into their own practice and study as well as learn to teach. It’s a profound personal transformation process. This program is also open to dedicated meditation  practitioners looking for a greater depth of knowledge.

A regular meditation practice.



Course Description
Our 30hr. meditation certification program is divided into 2 segments with required and documented 2 week (10hr) study and practice time in between.

October 27-29

Weekend 1 - Fundamentals  and Practice
Meditation according to the yogic tradition
Learn about the origins of the different styles of meditation.
Understand why we meditate and explore the numerous benefits
Explore different asanas that help prepare us for meditation
Learn how to build a comfortable seat for your practice
Learn various Pranayama exercises (yogic breathing exercises) that help prepare the mind
for meditation

Learn and practice different techniques such as
Meditation on the chakras
Tratak or gazing meditation on an object
Pratyahara and Dharana
Using various visualizations
Insight or mindfulness practices
And more….


Dec  1-3

Weekend 2 - Learning to Teach Meditation

Review of Practices including discussion on your own personal experiences/challenges
Learn how to sequence your meditation class for groups as well as private clients

Light asana to prepare for meditation

Savasana and guided systematic relaxation
Pranayamas to prepare the mind for meditation
Using props to help your students get comfortable and learn how to build their own seat
Teaching your students how to establish a home meditation practice
Teach your students how to work with meditation/visualization and manifest their goals in life