“Japa Meditation: Bija Mantra” workshop 

Friday September 8th, 2017


Prana Yoga Miami

247 Malaga Ave

Coral Gables FL 33134

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“Japa Meditation: Bija Mantra” workshop 

SAturday, October 7th, 2017


Yoga Shala 

18585 Sigma Road 

San Antonio TX 78258

A bija mantra is a one-syllable sound used in meditation or yogic practice. In Sanskrit bija means “seed,” man means “to think” or “mind” and tra means “liberate.” 

Mantras are spiritual formulas. They are sounds put together in a particular way, in a scientific way, to produce specific kind of results.

We can use Mantras for worldly purpose, guidance, to help us in solving problems and situations we encounter in everyday life, to bring wealth, to invite relationships, in regard of health issues, to calm the mind and so forth. However we should always keep in mind that the ultimate purpose for Mantras is spiritual and Mantras are meant to help us for our spiritual evolution to reach a higher state of consciousness.

During this workshop we are going to learn how to use Bija Mantras in everyday life, how to practice Japa Meditation (with the use of a mala) and how move along the spiritual path with the use of Bija mantras.

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