Free Spiritual Healing

"Spiritual Healing: tuning into the highest cosmic energy.

Energy healing involves a range of energy frequencies which fall into two broad categories: pranic and spiritual.

Healing that uses pranic energy draws from the inexhaustible reservoir of the universal life-force, channeling it into the diseased body to facilitate healing. However, we would do well to remember that this life-force is not a supersonsicous energy. For instance, electricity is also energy, but it is a blind energy. Electric current does not have its own intelligence. If you fix a bulb in the socket, it will glow. If you put your hand in the socket, it will give you an electric shock, that’s all! It doesn’t know where to go or how to work. The universal life-force is like this. Like electricity, it can do enormous good in the right hands, but if both healer and receiver are not well-protected, or if it is not channeled in the right way, this same energy can do great harm. It is not rare to hear of healers contracting the same disease that they are healing their patients of, or of ‘parasite’ receivers who continue to suck and drain the healer’s energy long after the healing session is over.

The second type of energy is spiritual energy. Here we draw from the highest frequencies of the cosmic energy. This energy is intelligent; it knows where to go and what to do. Since it is intelligent, it cannot be manipulated by us to the extent that we manipulate life-force energy. But the results it gives are always, ALWAYS for the best.

Nithya Spiritual Healing uses the second type of energy. Neither healer nor receiver is required to do anything except enter into restful awareness and allow the cosmic energy to heal. However, while it is possible to sensitize oneself to grosser vibrations like life-energy through practice, the subtle spiritual energy can be channeled only by an advanced being who resonates at the same frequency. That is why initiation by an enlightened master becomes essential on the path of spiritual energy healing. Learning to heal: Opening the Ananda Gandha chakra. We all have a highly subtle energy center which governs the flow of spiritual energy into our system. Although it is commonly known as a chakra, it might be better described as the point where all chakras collapse at the moment of dissolution of the personal identity. The Ananda Gandha (‘the fragrance of bliss’) is our deepest connection to our own Being. This energy center lies latent in almost all of us. Although it is theoretically possible to open it through self-effort, the process would be about as easy as trying to dig an oil well using a spoon! Initiation is a deeply mystical yet scientific process by which this energy center of an aspiring spiritual healer is opened by the master using a subtle but enormously powerful energy ‘drill’, and working from the inside outwards. Once initiated, the healer becomes an open channel for the healing spiritual vibrations of the master. Today, there are over 3000 initiated Nithya Spiritual Healers worldwide, acting as the ‘healing hands’ of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. It is nothing more than a healing touch and a few moments of prayerful meditation."

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